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What’s a roof without a foundation?

Flashing Diagram

Your house has to have a solid foundation – and so should your roof.  This is the underlying theory behind the Easy Metal Roofing System.  We also have a fundamental belief that a good roof is the best renovation investment you can make in protecting and ultimately increasing your property value.

So how do you create a foundation on your roof?  By having an integrated flashing system to hold and frame your aluminum shingles.  In our view, the flashing is the most important part of the new roof system that you will install.  Without a solid flashing system, you increase your risk of leakage.

We urge you to compare our patented flashing system with our competition to see the many levels of protection it provides.

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It’s always best to strip down before you dress up.

The “Easy-Install” flashing system puts you in command.

As your own general contractor, you don’t want to be held up in your construction process by faulty or ill-fitting roof parts.  You can’t afford the time and inconvenience of having your house exposed to the elements for too long.  And unfortunately you can’t downsize yourself.  You are it.

So you need a roofing system that puts you in control from start to finish. And better yet, a roofing supplier that offers extensive customer support - just in case you have a question or twenty.

In fact, we’ve been known to field many on a customer call directly from the job site with work in process.  And we always take your call.

Water can go uphill.

Water can go uphill

Did you know that water can run up your roof?  It’s an important cause of roofing problems - where wind-driven water is forced back uphill or sideways on a roof.

Wind-driven rain can enter at hips, ridges and gable ends. And if debris piles up in the valleys, you could have a real problem.

PRS Capping and flashing

The easy-install flashing system creates a virtually impenetrable barrier right at these critical points with our patented 180’ double fold designs.   If water can’t get in at the flashing, it won’t get into the roof.  Because the flashing is your first line of defense in heavy weather.   They must work right.

Just ask Carl Tanner of Florida whose self-installed roof kept him drier than a lot of his neighbors during Hurricane Wilma.

A shingle like no other.

Paul and ShinglesOur shingles are made from pre-painted, embossed, aluminum alloy.  They were first developed in the 1940’s and have been steadily improved since then both in terms of fit and finish. 

These shingles also comes with design features like a four-sided interlock system (handy in climates where wind has been known to come from more than one direction) Now there is a dryer-than-normal concept for a roof.

Looking good. Doing good.

As well as being functional, our shingles are simply beautiful to look at – in all their designer colors.  Choose what is right for your home and you’ll be admiring the clean, unbroken lines of your aluminum roofing for years to come – and so will your neighbors.


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“Doing your nails” means using non-corroding aluminum roofing nails on your aluminum roof.

We’ve often wondered why more people don’t consider their roof first when renovating.  Not only does it create almost 75% of the first exterior impression of your home – it protects its interior value.   After all, what’s the point of putting in a $50,000 kitchen with beautiful wooden cabinets and floors if the roof is going to leak all over that nice work?


Do It Yourself Roof

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