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Easy to Install

If you can build a birdhouse…

Easy as a bird house

The number one question we get is “How hard is it to install an aluminum roof?” And the simplest answer we can give is:  “If you can build a nice little birdhouse, you can build our roof.  Of course it needs to be a square and true birdhouse – not some ramshackle Grade 10 shop project. But it’s still a birdhouse.

From a tools perspective, all you’ll need are tin snips and everyday tools that most handypersons have on the workbench.

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Your best tool is one of our toll free help lines 1-877-319-7999 (in the US) and 1 800 367 9477 (in Canada)

You can build a better roof.

A metal roof is a premium roof for those who value the best in all they do.  Someone who takes pride in his or her home.  And is willing to pay to protect it.

High Quality roof

Now if you are ready to make the commitment to a higher quality, longer lasting and better looking roof that you can build yourself – you really should consider the EasyMetalRoof system.

Because nobody makes it easier to achieve your goals without wasting valuable materials and time.

Our Five Easy Installation Tips

  1. Talk to us in advance about your roofing specs and special needs.
  2. Talk to us when ordering to ensure prompt delivery to your construction schedule.
  3. Talk to us when your order arrives about organizing your jobsite and work schedule.
  4. Talk to us while you are installing, whenever you have a question.
  5. Talk to us when you are done to tell us how well it turned out.
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Save your back.  And the planet.

Paul And PRS SystemHave you ever lifted a package of standard asphalt roofing shingles? They weigh about 60 lbs. Now imagine climbing a ladder, scaling a roof and dragging them to multiple locations on the roof.  Your back will take a four-six thousand pound beating on an average suburban roof.

Now imagine the same scenario with aluminum.  It is up to 75% lighter. That puts less strain on your back, the underlying roof supports and in no small measure – the environment.

After all, the aluminum roof is a not a fossil fuel roof like asphalt.  It lasts indefinitely, reflects heat better, cools faster and in the unlikely possibility that it ever gets dismantled – is 100% recyclable.

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Do It Yourself Roof

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