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The following links could help you in your roofing project.  In particular, we strongly urge you to follow recommended safety guidelines for working on a roof. As a do-it-yourselfer, you are totally responsible for your own safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions in PDF format in order to make it easier for you to find the answer you're looking for.

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PRS Testimonials

Read what other do it yourselfers had to say about the PRS experience.

Gee, I love my roof and the way it looks, the way it sheds not only water, but maple seeds, oak pollen, and tree sticks. No ice dams in the winter to mold up my walls. I never took these into consideration, just wanted a dry leak proof home, and got all these added bonuses. Last night we had a bad thunderstorm and I was totally dry, even at the roof protrusions, thanks to the detailed instructions. Thanks again you guys.
Fred Bachman (Michigan USA)


Even a Granny Can Do It…

Well at last our roof is finished and it looks great. Some of the main advantages of using the easy metal roofing system became very clear very quickly. We were able to easily bring it on to the site - where access would have been very difficult for a sheet metal roof.

The aluminum shingles were light and very easy to manage both for Ted and me. Carrying a box of shingles was easy - asphalt would have been a real challenge for us to get them up the ladder. And cutting and bending was very easy too. This made it very safe to work with as you didn't have to fight the material. The roof of course looks fantastic.

The main problems that we had were from poor installation documentation - I think you should look carefully at the installation information provided by other manufacturers.

Attached is a file of the cutting and installation details that we made - I think you need something this explicit...It was a lot of fun and very satisfying installing the shingles.

Ted says we should mention that we are both over 65.

Liz M. Ottawa, Ontario



I discovered them on the internet. What was different about them was that they would sell me the product, teach me how to install it, provide me with DVD instructions and answer my questions when I wasn't sure. We began communicating and I found them most helpful in measuring and sorting out what I would need. They sent me pre-material which walked me through those steps. As I was doing the labour their prices were considerably less.
Pastor Ross, U.S.A

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"Do-It-Yourself Customer Allen Orloff”" from Silverton Oregon needed to match his new additions to existing aluminum roofing materials. During installation he became concerned with being short of product, called in for advice, and the following is a post installation e-mail:

A couple of weeks ago I talked to Paul about possibly coming up short on the flashing, but we put our ingenuity to work and came up with a solution that worked. PROBLEM SOLVED! Once getting involved with the roofing installation, we found ways to integrate the existing with the new and it looks pretty darn good and with the recent rains (down pours), NO LEAKS! YAHOO!... THANKS for staying on top of things throughout, it's been quite a comfort to know that I could count on you guys to be there if I needed some help, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Oh, the match-up came out pretty darn close. I don't think anyone will notice the difference between old and new, unless of course I tell them, but that's not likely to happen.
Allen Orloff, Oregon, U.S.A.

...We were on the northeast side of the storm (Hurricane Rita) -- the worst side -- and got high wind, driving rain and squalls all night and half the next day. There was no damage to any part of my new roofing. Not even one shingle or flashing was out of place. Some of the old asphalt shingles were torn off and all of the exposed tar paper covering the new underlayment around the garage and part of the house. I battened down some of it on the south and east side of the house, as you can see in the picture. There was some water leakage into the house around various windows, and some minor seepage around a couple of the skylight openings. This is inevitable in a hurricane, as it is like a fire hose blasting against the house for hours on end…
Harold Letz, Louisiana, U.S.A

I have been going to email after hurricane Wilma to let you know that the new roof withstood wind gusts up to 125mph with sustained winds of 101mph. Thanks to you and the support of PRS roofing, my wife and I felt much more secure this year. We lost our shingle roof in last years hurricanes. Not only is my house more protected, but it also looks good (everyone in the neighborhood wants one). I am sure that we will be enjoying our new roof for many years. Again thank you very much for being there.
Carl Tanner, Florida, U.S.A.

Since the roof has been installed, the roof has withstood all rough weather conditions that Timmins can encounter. (It’s just the chimney that gives me problem every time it rains from south-east! Then it leaks in! But it has nothing to do with the roof)...

I find the customer support working very well and I have got supplementary parts delivered quickly at a reasonable cost...

We have recommended this roof system to several persons that showed interest in doing a project like this themselves. It takes time to do it but you will do it only once and at the same time the value of the house will increase.
Peter Asnan, Ontario, Canada

...It wasn’t until I found PRS that I saw a roofing system though. Other products, especially the metal ones, including several metal shingle options, required site fabrication of non-shingle components. Flashing, valleys, roof caps, edging, all had to be custom bent during the installation process. PRS showed me how to treat all edges for cosmetic and weather proofing results from elements I could purchase from them. All elements for the roof were available from PRS...
Gary Hampel, U.S.A.

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