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Metal roofs are not created equal.

Looking for a do–it–yourself metal roofing solution with a low risk of error?  The kind of roof you can put on a home or vacation property and never worry about again – while saving thousands in installation costs. You’ve come to the right roofing company.

Hi, my name is Paul Grizenko and I’m the inventor, founder and big cheese at PRS Roofing Inc. In order to provide the best metal roofing products to the marketplace, I have partnered with the two big cheeses of The Aluminum Shingle Company in the US, Kevin and Rick Stapp. Working together we have come up with the easiest to install aluminum shingle roofing systems for homeowners on the market today. 

We are biased of course - which is why I patented my idea of an integrated aluminum flashing and shingle system.  There is nothing like it out there.

And you have our commitment that we are going to give you all the training and support you need to build your roof - up to and including installation CD’s, paper installation instructions, and even access to our qualified head installers (crew chiefs). You would always be welcome to call one of the three big cheeses, Kevin, Rick or me directly.

A man who roofs stands above the crowd.

Aluminum – the aero roof.

The best–designed vehicles are aerodynamic. Their smooth shapes cut through fast moving, turbulent air with greater efficiency. The same can be said for an aluminum metal roofing system.  Smooth surfaces and four way interlocking shingles virtually eliminate wind damage common with asphalt shingles. And the smooth skin sheds water, snow and ice better than any roofing surface on the market today.  Aluminum roofing is your lasting investment in protection and efficiency.   

Your roof. Done right.

Your Roof. Done Right.

We develop, manufacture and distribute our aluminum roofs.  Thousands of homes and businesses have had The Perma-Lock Roofing System (from the Aluminum Shingle Company) or from PRS Roofing Inc installed by professional installers. But what is more exciting to us is that we now have many successful DIY installations. Real people, just like you, who have made the decision that they wanted a great looking, weather–tough (but quiet), enviro-friendly, aluminum metal roof that would last a lifetime - without rust.  Who, by the way, are now totally satisfied with their easy metal roofing investment in the value of their home. We now offer several popular and beautiful “Energy Star” rated colors such as Regal Brown, Driftwood Cream, Dawn Grey, Terra Cotta Red, and our newest Bronze color. We also offer the plain aluminum mill roofing system.

You can do it.

Roof Jacks in use

Paul installed a metal roof after a frustrating experience with traditional roofing. (See About Us for the whole sordid story). And believe us; if Paul can reap the benefits so can you.  In fact, if you are handy enough to build a nice, square little birdhouse for the backyard, you can handle this construction project.  Especially since we are here to help you – every step of the way – from pre–planning through to the final shingle. Because nobody helps you like we help you.

Peter A., Timmins, Ontario.

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